Gluten-Free Beer

Are you looking for gluten-free beer? We can help at Wine Box, as we have several gluten-free beer options to choose from. With our gluten-free range, you can once again enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of beer!

Most gluten-free beer is made without barley or wheat, two common ingredients in most mainstream beers. In fact, almost all standard beers are made with barley. Gluten-free beer, however, is made using cereal types that are free from gluten, or it is made from a pseudo cereal. Examples of the ingredients commonly used to make gluten-free beer include millet, sorghum, rice, buckwheat, maize, and quinoa.Gluten Free Beer in NZ

Some gluten-free beer brands use a different method. In this method, the ingredients used to create the beer include barley and sometimes wheat, with a process then introduced during production to reduce the content of gluten in the beer.

Whichever option is used, you can drink the gluten-free beers that we offer at Wine Box, safe in the knowledge that they are certified as being gluten-free. Start browsing today.

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