Chianti, the home of the iconic-bodied spicy dry red wine that is famous the world over. Many remember traditional Chianti’s coming wrapped in straw to protect them due to the light weight glass used, and you can still enjoy them today with the Cecchi Raffia. Ark back to a simpler time when all that mattered was family, friends and food.

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Containing the same wine as the Chianti DOCG, the Dalcampo Basket is a traditional Italian offering. Cecchi are one of the few producers to still use the traditional hand-woven straw basked called a ‘fiasco’ or flask. Red ruby tending to garnet with aging, fine nose, the taste is intense and persistent, its structure is large and with a great balance. It has an intense summer bouquet of red fruits with a hint of violets.

Country / Region: Italy, Tuscany
Volume: 750ml


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