When many people think “Italian White Wine” Pinot Grigio is the first the come to mind and with good reason! Pinot Grigio is the most imported variety of wine in America.

Fans of Pinot Grigio can expect a light-bodied, delicate white wine that is a natural pairing for light dishes such as appetizers, salads, or fish.


Pinot Grigio has been a remarkable success for the northern areas of Italy, it is not a style in the French Alsace version but rather very unique Italian. They can vary from regional style to single vineyard and riservas. This is not a riserva however it is incredible to find a wine of this sort of quality especially at the price. We were a little concerned about the actual price and we tried it 3 times just to make sure. Crisp, flinty and incredibly fresh, slightly oily with a touch of fig and pear. Beautiful acidity, lovely middle palate, you could imagine yourself drinking some of this during summer with some fish or an anti-pasto. It has to be said at $12.99 it might sound unreal but this is the real deal, it’s quite superb!


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