Sourced from vineyards spanning the banks of the illustrious Rhone, the Fat Bastard Chardonnay is a rich and full-bodied Chardy, full of fruit, a delicious oakiness and a whole lot of fat – the complimentary kind, not the nutritional. Pairing perfectly with seafood and robust chats, it’s a Chardy that you’ll happily drink to excess with alongside eating to excess.

So put on your best French accent and get ready to gorge, because you won’t be able to stop yourself after a sip of the delicious Fat Bastard Chardonnay.

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What started as a glorious exclamation (“My God, it’s a Fat Bastard!”) from winemaker Thierry Boudinaud during a tasting in Southern France has become an internationally known and highly successful wine brand. Since that fateful day in the cellar, Fat Bastard has been irreverently producing “remarkably full bodied” Chardonnay.

The Fat Bastard concept must surely be one of the most successful ‘start up’ wine brands in recent times. Despite having ranged this for close to one year, up until now we have not had the opportunity to feature it because we literally could not keep up with demand. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it really is a clever concept, particularly given just how many enquiries and requests we get for ‘bigger’ or ‘broader’ or ‘fatter’ Chardonnays and how, in the main, the Australian style is trending the other way!

The name is a dream for the sales and marketing people, and it is a good wine for gifting if you want to hand out an insult at the same time. Apparently winemaker Thierry Boudinaud exclaimed “My god, it’s a fat bastard!” upon tasting it, and so a brand was born. The wine itself is not as big as the name suggests: it certainly is full bodied but it is not huge. The ripe Californian fruit provides plenty of peach and melon flavours, and there are butterscotch and subtle spices in the background, but the finish is clean. Serving temperature is important: don’t over-chill it, but if you let it get to room temperature it can become blousy or, dare I say it, a bit flabby.


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