Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc


A refined and focused Marborough Sauvignon from the varietal experts, showing the classic bouquet of tropical fruit, herbs and capsicum. Rounded and ripe with a long, fresh, mineral-edged finish.



This wine is clear and very slightly green in colour. On the nose, it is a ripe green vegetable style of Sauvignon Blanc, with layers of green capsicum, crushed peas and gooseberries and a slight background aroma of passionfruit. On the palate, it has a vibrant acid with a fairly weighty body for a Sauvignon Blanc and a good length. A very approachable wine.

I would match it with a lightly fried antipasto dish as the acid in the wine would fresh it up. Match with the Corn Kakiage.

All Saint Clair Sauvignon Blancs are made without the use of animal products.


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