This mellowed liqueur is rare in that the melons used are 100% fresh melons from Furano, Hokkaido, one of Japans best-known melon producing areas known even internationally. Hokkaido is also a well-known Japanese sightseeing place among oversea tourists. This liqueur features the well mellowed aroma and rich sweetness distinctive of melons. Japanese melons are one of the most expensive fruits in the world and those grown in Hokkaido are known to be the best of the best for its out of the world sweetness and aroma. A combination of Takara’s barrel aged shochu and real melon juice from melons grown in Furano, this liqueur contains just 12% alcohol. You can choose to serve it on the rocks, combine with soda water or make your own cocktail with this liqueur that is bursting with the Hokkaido melon’s sweetness and aroma!



Brand Takara Shuzo
Region Furano
Varietal Furano Melon
Size 720ml
Alcohol % 12.4%
Country Japan