Blending premium whisky isn’t just something we do, it has been the foundation of our craft since 1800. We bring together the finest ingredients to create a natural spirit before the passing of time imparts the wonderful flavour from our handcrafted casks. Add to this the fusion of skilled craftsmen and a tenacious obsession with quality and you arrive at our Famous, rich, sweet, well-rounded whisky.



Heralded as Scotland’s favourite blended whisky, it is the best selling whisky in Scotland and the spirit behind the Scottish rugby team.

Famous Grouse is a very nicely balanced, malty blend which was first made in 1896, and would go on to be known as The Famous Grouse, with the name registered in 1905.

This is a blend of characterful malt whiskies – with components from Glenrothes, Highland Park, and Macallan with a base of grain whisky.

The whisky itself is rather rich and sweet, but well rounded, suggesting heavy use of whisky from Spey and the northern Highlands.

The blend represents great value for money, and it also works beautiful in whisky-based cocktails.


40% ABV

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United Kingdom