Piccini Rupe Ai Sassi Montepulciana D’Abruzzo


The Piccini Rupe Ai Sassi Montepulciana D’Abruzzo is a mid ruby red, with a lasting bouquet of ripe, red fruit and a surprisingly smooth flavour – full, warm and harmonious. It is a wine with a well structured body.

This is a versatile wine, absolutely perfect with first course dishes, grilled meats or pizza.

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The grape Montepulciano can be grown in most of Italy, but the biggest region for it is Abruzzo. The region produces wine in two main styles—one soft and approachable, the other rich and more tannic.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is a good region for good value, but often the wines are not quite as great as they could be.

Rupe Ai Sassi is ruby red in colour with ripe fruit aromas. It is a wine with well-structured body. An ideal accompaniment for roast meats and cheese.


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