Drawing from traditional vodka of Eastern Europe, when honey was blended with spirit for its flavour and medicinal qualities. This Vodka is crafted using batch-rectification method, coconut shell charcoal and Waiwera Artesian Water which result in the purest spirit possible. We add a touch of Manuka Honey to give a floral aroma, a smooth mouth feel with light fruitiness on the palate and a spicy finish.


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Handcrafted by Waiwera Organic Winery

Inspired by the story of Robert Graham, A politician, Businessman, Entrepreneur and the founder of Waiwera Health Resort. The first thing he did after buying the land at Waiwera was acquiring a license to distil and sell alcohol. Graham built a modest homestead on the Maungatauhoro Block near the resort naming it Wenderholm, which means “Winter Home” in Swedish

Alc. 40%

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New Zealand